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System Requirements

Desktop Client Application

  • 32 / 64-bit Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8
  • 40 MB free disk space

Robot-side Application

  • NACHI or OTC-DAIHEN AX or FD Controller
  • CF Card Reader / Writer
  • Other Parameters
    Required disk space on system CF C:\ ~ 8 MB
    Required disk space on system CF D:\ < 1 MB
    Processor load on FD11 < 18%
    Maximum log file size 200 KB
    Used system memory ~ 20 MB
    Network load (active) ~ 15-250 KB/s
    Network load (available) < 1 KB/s
    TCP Port

    4200, 4300

    UDP Port 9988


UDP port 9988, TCP ports 4200 and 4300 must be open for using Robot Monitoring Suite.

Installing the Robot Monitoring Suite

The Robot Monitoring Suite software must be installed both on your PC and your robot controller. First you have to install the Desktop Client Application, and use it in turn to install the required files on the robot controller.

Desktop Client Application

The Robot Monitoring Suite comes with an easy, step-by-step installer which you can use to install the Robot Monitoring Suite Desktop Client Application on your PC with Microsoft Windows.

Robot-side Application

You can install the Robot-side Application for Robot Monitoring Suite on the robot controller by using the Robot Monitoring Suite Desktop Client Application's “Deploy” menu.

The installation process requires that you remove the system CF card from the robot controller, and connect it to your PC running Robot Monitoring Suite Desktop Client Application, using a USB CF card reader.

Once the installation on the CF card is ready, you can put the system CF back into the robot controller. Please note that in order for the Robot Monitoring Suite to work properly, the robot controller's IP configuration must be set up appropriately. See a guide to Robot Controller IP and HostName configuration.

Please note that UDP port 9988, TCP ports 4200 and 4300 are used, and must be open on your local area network and client PC for the Robot Monitoring Suite to work properly.

Terms and Conditions

  1. This installer helps you to install/uninstall Robot Monitoring Suite to/from NACHI and OTC-DAIHEN AX or FD controller. 

  2. To complete installation/uninstallation you will need to open the robot cabinet and you will have to touch electrical components. 

  3. If you are not familiar working with electrical components or you are not familiar with the NACHI or OTC-DAIHEN X or FD robot controllers, do not continue this wizard. 

  4. Before opening the robot cabinet, ALWAYS disconnect the robot controller from power source. Read NACHI safety manual prior to installation. 

  5. Touching components inside the robot controller while the controller is connected to power source is hazardous. Electric shock can cause serious injury or death. 

  6. Before touching electrical components, especially the CF card or surrounding printed board circuits, ground yourself to remove static electricity from your body. Static electricity can destroy sensitive electrical components. 

  7. This installer will copy monitoring support files to the robot controller's system CF card and it will alter some NACHI system files. 

  8. Installing this software can affect the standard performance of your NACHI AX or FD robot/controller. If you experience any strange behavior after installing Robot Monitoring Suite, uninstall the Robot Monitoring Suite. NACHI AX and FD controllers were designed to run without any additional software and Robot Monitoring Suite can increase system load significantly. 

  9. This software is not approved by NACHI-Fujikoshi Ltd, however, it was tested by baseClass Automation Ltd. in NACHI Europe GmbH. 

  10. baseClass Automation Ltd. is not liable for any loss, damage, injury, or death caused directly or indirectly by installing and/or using Robot Monitoring Suite. Use it on your own risk.