What is Robot Monitoring Suite?

Robot Monitoring Suite is a cloud connected Remote Monitoring system for NACHI and OTC-DAIHEN robot controllers. You can remotely access and use the Teach Pendant, download backup, and cooperate with your customers.
You can access the Teach Pendant from your PC by using Robot Monitoring Suite Desktop Client Application, which is easy to install and intuitive to use. 

The optional Robot Monitoring Suite Black Box can be used as an edge device for the robot cell, and allow the integration of multiple robots and cameras. The Black Box can go online using mobile broadband (GSM), or wired (LAN) connection, while keeping the robot controller securely isolated from the public Internet. Upon a robot error, the Black Box will automatically trigger a video capture, and store it to be replayed later on to help troubleshooting.
The Robot Monitoring Suite is compatible with AX, A2, FD11, FD19 robot controllers. It is a standard remote monitoring tool used by NACHI Europe GmbH and OTC-DAIHEN Europe GmbH and their customers worldwide.

Features & Benefits

  • Live online support

    Robot experts and technical support can monitor, troubleshoot, or backup robots from their PC over the Internet, which can save expensive and time consuming on-site service and provide fast solutions to problems.

  • Remote backup

    Files from the robot controller CF card or USB pendrive can be downloaded to the PC.

  • Fast programming

    Robot programs can be seamlessly edited from anywhere, enjoying the comfort of your PC screen, mouse and keyboard. Use your keyboard to type or paste any text directly into the Teach Pendant from your PC.

  • Easy deployment

    Robot Monitoring Suite can be deployed by network connection on the robot controller.

  • Access control and security

    Access rights to robot controllers can be managed by it's owners to avoid unauthorized access.

  • Video surveillance and capture

    The robot cell can be equipped with an IP camera, and it can be viewed via RMS. If a BlackBox is integrated in the robot cell, a robot error triggers a retrospective video capture in the Black Box, which can be viewed later to identify the root cause of the error.