How to setup robot controller IP and HostName configuration

If you would like to control your robot via Robot Monitoring Suite you have to set up the ip settings of your robots.


  1. You need to login as Expert user, so press R in the basic view to open shortcut function list.



  2. Type 314 and press enter to change protection level.



  3. Type your password to become a EXPERT, and press enter.



  4. If your login was successful, the following dialogbox shows up. Press any key to continoue.



  5. After login as EXPERT user, click to Constant Setting button on the left side of the screen, and select Communication.



  6. Select Ethernet in the Communication panel.



  7. Then select TCP/IP.



  8. If you want to use a DHCP client, keep it enabled, otherwise to manually configure IP settings, change DHCP client to Disabled and type in your IP address and Computer Name.
    The Computer Name will be displayed as a part of the robot name in Robot Monitoring Suite, in brackets, for example "Robot (AX)", if you configure as shown in the below figure. 

    Press the Complete button at the bottom of the page to submit your changes. The robot controller will go to shutdown. Powercycle the robot controller for the settings to take effect.