How can I monitor my robots from the public Internet

Robot Monitoring Suite Client Application can detect, monitor and control robot controllers that are on the same local area network. In practice, this usually means the internal network infrastructure of a company or manufacturing plant.

It is however a real demand that the robot controllers can be accessed from outside the company where the robots are deployed. We have developped the Robot Monitoring Suite Black Box for this purpose. Integrate a Black Box into your robot cell, and connect to your robot controllers from anywhere on the Internet simply using the Robot Monitoring Suite Client Application.


If you do not wish to use the Black Box, there are also some workarounds:

  1. TeamViewer

    TeamViewer az a peer-to-peer remote desktop application, which allows you to connect to the computer running the Robot Monitoring Suite PC application from anywhere on the Internet. Once connected, you can use Robot Monitoring Suite as if you were sitting in the company. The drawback of this solution is that TeamViewer is only free for non-commercial use. 

    TeamViewer can be downloaded from

    Using RMS with teamviewer

  2. Virtual Private Network (VPN)

    If the company infrastructure is equipped with a VPN service, you can log into the company VPN from anywhere in the Internet, and run the Robot Monitoring Suite PC application from the computer you are working on. Note that UDP port 9988 and TCP port 4200 must be open in the VPN.

    There are many VPN solutions, but we recommend OpenVPN, which can be downloaded from

    RMS over VPN